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Due to an issue introduced during last Friday's update, Bungie does not return the right times for Destiny 2. They are expecting to fix this issue by Monday.






Made with by Fran├žois Allard | About


Time Wasted on Destiny is a website that tells you how much time you've poured into the Destiny series. On top of this, it is the only website that tells you just how much time you've spent on deleted characters, which you could consider wasted time.

How to use

Using Time Wasted on Destiny is very simple. First, enter your Playstation Network ID, Xbox Live Gamertag or ID into the search box. You can add more than one username by separating them with a comma (,). You can then share that page with your friends and brag!


What activities count in the time played?
Only the time you spend shooting at stuff (not in orbit, loading or in social spaces) is counted towards your time played (and wasted).
Why is my username not working?
Make sure you typed your Playstation Network ID, Xbox Live Gamertag or ID correctly. If you still experience problems, please submit an issue here.
Why is another player showing up when I'm searching for my username?
It is possible that another player uses the same name as you on another platform. If you simply don't see your account there, make sure you typed your username correctly.


There is an API accessible here: Documentation.


Time Wasted on Destiny is not affiliated with Bungie. Destiny is a registered trademark of Bungie and Activision.

Bottom line

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